Why invest in a Hydroxyl generator for your business?

The main benefit of using a true hydroxyl generator is that they are safe to use in occupied areas for deodorization, purification, virus and bacteria elimination purposes.  Business owners do not have to shut down and lose precious business.

Is an Ozone unit better?

If people and animals can be removed from the treatment area, ozone will always do the job faster. The general rule of thumb is if a strong ozone generator would take one day to do a job, a true hydroxyl generator will take three to five days to do the same job. Insurance claims for time lost and profits lost due to virus or bacteria compromise and shutdown are minimal.


ROI & usable space...

Even insurance companies don’t seem to have a problem paying for the extra time it takes a hydroxyl generator to do the job because they are saving. In saying this, hydroxyl generators are commonly one of the first pieces of equipment installed on site  and can run the entire length of the day. These machines are already being used - and cost  $200 per day on a rental. With the price of the hydroxyl generators on the market, there would be a 100% return on investment within the first week of use.​

Odor free environment

These generators have been successfully tested on fires and other restoration and bio jobs, including virus removal, bacteria removal, protein fires, floods, dead body situations, skunk odors, pet urine odors, musty odors and many types of VOC odors. Many restoration contractors have converted existing deodorizing chambers or added their own hydroxyl rooms with great success.


Health & Safety

You can run a hydroxyl generator in your  room/warehouse/lobby/office, 24 hours a day and enter the room at any time with no threat to your health, your customers health or your employees health. True hydroxyl generators also will not bleach wet fabrics so they can be run on damp carpet without fear of lightening the color. Generators with good filtration are excellent for airborne microbial remediation where bacteria, viruses or fungi have become aerosolized.

Hydroxyl Generators are being used by a wide range of industries across the globe. Please contact us for any additional information about our products or for wholesale pricing inquires.